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Erik Belgum
ambient fiction


“Among the best of the younger writers of fiction, let alone experimental fiction . . .” 
            Dictionary of the Avant-Gardes

 “With the publication of Star Fiction . . . Belgum takes his place as one of the most prominent practitioners of the new radical short fiction.” 
            American Book Review

 “Belgum once again surprises me, with something I’ve never heard the like of. Belgum somehow does for sound poetry what Bob Dylan did for rock music when he brought hate and hostility into popular song writing…”
            Sonoloco (Sweden) 

“The effect [of Strange Neonatal Cry] is almost that of a drugged, stuttering rapper.  Dangerous performance art for dangerous times.”
            21st Century Music

 “A fierce brand of experimental fiction. . . More important, it's a damn funny story.”
            City Pages (Minneapolis)

 “Imagine a Raymond Carver short story scripted by Quentin Tarantino and adapted for performance by Robert Ashley and you might have an idea of what to expect.” 
            Paris Transatlantic

 “The closed circuit of the narration [in Strange Neonatal Cry]  recalls Beckett’s Malone Dies or Robbe-Grillet’s In the Labyrinth.”
            All-Music Guide

 “Brilliantly disturbing. . .  post-minimalist operetta.” 
            New York Press

 “[Star Fiction] is a wild ride throught the ragged edge of fiction. Quite fascinating if sometimes puzzling. . . actually laugh out loud funny and sometimes touching.”

 “[Blodder] is at once harsh and hilarious, not to mention desolately lysergic.”
            Arcane Candy

“The fast-splicing of Belgum's libretto keep the listener's attention in a vice grip throughout.” 
            Paris New Music Review

“The writing and performances [in Blodder] are stunning.”
            Resonance - London Musicians'      Collective

Belgum injects a variety of styles into his delivery - from a smooth straightforward delivery to a broken, robotic, faltering voice on the razor-slice tightrope which hangs over insanity, suspended between normality of mind, and, maybe, enlightenment or a Nirvana-like state of being.”
            Metamorphic Journeyman

“Comprising techniques of speech and sound in the spirit of Alvin Lucier and LaMonte Young, Belgum’s Strange Neonatal Cry is equally as compelling and mysterious.”
            e.i. Music Magazine

“The work of the writer and musician Erik Belgum is, in many ways, the literary distillation of the ideas presented by Chopin, Burroughs and Oswald.”
            New Media Poetics (MIT Press) 

“[Bad Marriage Mantra is] horrible and funny in equal proportion.”
            Update (England)

 “[Belgum's] linear narration collapses within the blasted equations of a schizoid mathematics.”
            Small Press Traffic  

“Pure Bergsonism. . .” 
            break/flow  (London)

 Blodder isn't much like anything else.”
            The Stranger (Seattle)

 “Poesia a brandelli, voci scordate, sogni infranti…Bad Marriage Mantra di Erik Begum è emblematico un mantra di insolubili schizofrenie coniugali.”            Sands-zine (Italy)



 •    KFMU (San Francisco) produced a radio documentary on Belgum’s work (aired in 2002). 

•     WDR (Cologne, Germany) produced a documentary on Belgum’s work.  Aired in 2003 and  on Senderfreis Berlin in 2004.



National airplay on the following networks and syndicated shows: 

•     ABC (Australia)

•     BBC (England)

•     CBC (Canada)

•     Bayerischer Rundfunk (Germany)

•     Hessischer Rundfunk (Germany)

•     New American Radio (2)

•     Outer Ear Festival (Chicago)

•     Der Concertzender (Holland)

•     Radio LORA (Switzerland)

•     National Radio of Argentina

•     West Deutscher Rundfunk (WDR) (Germany)

•     Throughout the US and Canada on numerous public and community radio stations (over 100 airings) 



•     Alt-X

•     Nominated for Webby Award (for best website created in 1999)

•     Turbulence (commissioned in 2000)

•     ubu.com

•     Walker Art Center's Gallery 9 Series (site commissioned in 1999)

•     Museum Moderner Poesie (S-Press)



•     The Aerial

•     Alt-X

•     innova (2 CD's)

•     Homo Sonorus (international anthology of sound poetry - Moscow)

•     Mukow (London)

•     Smart Noise

•     Sonic Circuits IV

•     Voys Editions 

•     Soundpoetry Anthology (Urs Engeler Verlag - Germany)

•     Agents of Impurity – Sonic Arts Network (London)



•     American Composers' Forum (Minneapolis)

•     Bard College

•     Bonk Festival of New Music (Tampa)

•     College of St. Catherine (Minneapolis)

•     Corn Palace Productions (Minneapolis)

•     Dale Warland Singers (Minneapolis)

•     Dance Theater Workshop (New York)

•     Edinburgh Fringe Festival (Edinburgh, Scotland)

•     Electric Rainbow Coalition (Dartmouth)

•     Minneapolis Fringe Festival (3)

•     Inertia Ensemble (Milwaukee)

•     The Kitchen (New York)

•     Le Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris)

•     Loyola University (Chicago)

•     National Museum of Contemporary Art (Athens)

•     Minneapolis College of Art and Design

•     Miami Art Museum

•     Museo Rufino Tamayo (Mexico City)

•     Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago)

•     New Music Across America (Minneapolis)

•     Outer Ear Festival (Chicago)

•     Portland Art Museum

•     Rioolfest (“Sewerfest”) (Hilversum, Holland)

•     SARC – Queen’s University of Belfast

•     Salvador Dali Museum (Tampa)

•     SIGGRAPH – 2000

•     Sonic Arts Network Festival (London)

•     Sonic Circuits - (a festival traveling throughout the U.S. and Canada)

•     Sonic Residues Festival - Linden Arts Centre (Australia)

•     Tampa Art Museum

•     Third Ear Festival (Chicago)

•     University of Minnesota (Minneapolis)

•     University of Pennsylvania (Kutztown)

•     University of South Florida Art Museum (Tampa)

•     Walker Art Center (Minneapolis)

•     Free Biennial (New York)



•     Detour Press

•     Rrat Classics (Australia)

•     Standing Stones Press




•     Arbella

•     Asylum Annual (2)

•     Atticus

•     Avec

•     Bad Newz

•     Black Ice (3)

•     Brat

•     Caliban (2)

•     Central Park (2)

•     Chicago Review

•     Computer Music Journal

•     disturbed guillotine

•     Electronic Musician

•     Journalof Experimental Fiction

•     Limelight-Proscenium

•     Lost and Found Times (3)

•     MusicWorks

•     News of Music

•     North American Ideophonics


•     Northern Lit Quarterly

 •    Paper Radio

•     Photostatic

•     Rain Taxi

•     Red Bass

•     VINYL Arts Magazine

•     zingmagazine 




•     Jerome Foundation project grant (3)

•     Dayton Hudson Foundation Travel/Study Grant

•     Minnesota State Arts Board

•     East Central Arts Council

•     Margaret T. Jones Fiction Award – UC Boulder

•     McKnight Composers Grant



•     Banff Centre for the Arts

•     Goethe Institute (New York) 

•     STEIM (Studio for Electro Instrumental Music in Amsterdam)



•     University of Minnesota (English/Music)

•     University of Minnesota Graduate School (Linguistics and Speech-Language Pathology)


•     Eastman School of Music - Summer Institute on Computer Music

•     Institut de Recherche et de Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) - ICMC



•     Banff Centre for the Arts

•     Bard College

•     University of Colorado (Boulder)

•     Loyola University - Conference on Radio Drama

•     University of Minnesota



•     Editor - VOYS - a CD sound journal

•     Critic/Editor - Collection of Interviews with Contemporary Language Artists

•     Literary humor columnist - Rain Taxi

•     Sound Designer - Minneapolis theater groups

•     Curator for Late at Gallery 8 -- Walker Art Center

•     Executive Director of softpalate – a non-profit organization dedicated to audio literature



•     American Composers' Forum

•     European Broadcasting Union - invited producer

•     American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA)




•     Speech-Language Pathologist





Erik BelgumEvidence-Based Fiction NetworkRecent WritingAudioResumeMake ContactJRM